Schedule of Events

Fri., Jan. 24, 2014 — 7:00pm Buy Tickets & 9:30pm Buy Tickets or both shows Buy Tickets
Sat. Jan. 25, 2014 — 7:00pm Buy Tickets & 9:30pm Buy Tickets or both shows Buy Tickets

Show A – 7:00pm Friday and Saturday

Opening – Shortstaxxx

TheOpShopThe Op Shop
7 Minutes | Comedy | Australia
A mysterious donation sends the sales clerks of a suburban thrift shop on a journey of self-discovery.

RequiemForRomanceRequiem for Romance
8 Minutes | Animation | Canada | DC Premiere
Crouching breakup, hidden romance.

Act 1 – Burlesque by Reverend Valentine

7 Minutes | Comedy | USA
Opening your son’s bedroom door is always a surprise…

7 Minutes | Comedy | USA
Bragging to your one-night stand that your uncle is an astronaut is not always a good idea.

Act 2 – Hoop Dance by Miss Joule

LoveInOurTimeLove in Our Time
11 Minutes | Comic Drama | USA
After a one-night stand, a couple tries to figure out if they’ve met the loves of their lives, or made a huge mistake.

Act 3 – Belly Dance by Abby

ScentofaWomanScent of a Woman
11 Minutes | Comedy | USA
When her boyfriend serves alfredo, lactose-intolerant Chloe’s declaration of love is a race against time and humiliation.

Act 4 – Sideshow by Mab Just mab


Show B – 9:30pm Friday and Saturday

Opening – Shortstaxxx

SnowOverAcapulcoSnow Over Acapulco (Il Neige Sur Acapulco)
8 Minutes | Comedy | France
On their last night in Mexico, a group of friends scheme to smuggle cocaine back into France.

ByTheFiresideBy the Fireside with Larry: The Zimlet
3 Minutes | Comedy | USA | DC Premiere
Parts Ron Burgundy and Martha Stewart, Larry mixes an unusual cocktail.

Act 1 – Burlesque by Reverend Valentine

FuckTheParentsF**k the Parents
10 Minutes | Comedy | USA
After a break-up, sometimes the best consolers are your ex’s parents.

FoodPornFood Porn
3 Minutes | Comedy | USA
Food porn star Larry is back, professing his love with produce.

Act 2 – Sideshow by Mab Just mab

ALittleSomethingOnTheSideA Little Something on the Side
11 Minutes | Comedy | USA
Larry breaks out from under his wife’s watchful eye with a woman who understands the way to a man’s heart.

Act 3 – Belly Dance by Abby

TheMorningAfterThe Morning After
15 Minutes | Comedy | USA
A woman wakes up naked beside a sexy stranger — with no recollection of the previous night’s events.

Act 4 – Burlesque by Miss Joule



Miss Joule by Stereo Vision PhotographyMiss JouleMiss Joule lights up the world with sass, talent, and glitz through her mischievous antics ranging from hooping, to twisted burlesque and sideshow, to fire performances.

Shortstaxx by Stereo Vision PhotographyShortstaxxShortstaxx—femme-cee, burlesque performer, and actress—is delighted be back on the boards hosting Pasties and Popcorn and keeping it steamy!

Abby by EnMotion Photography 1AbbyAbby is a DC-based tribal fusion dancer and a member of Raqs Caravan Urban and Shakra Dance Company.

Mab Just MabMabMab just Mab is a nationally touring sideshow performer who combines theatre, music, movement, comedy to bring you classic sideshow, with a taste of vaudeville, covered in comedy, seasoned with ukulele.

Reverend Valentine by Stereo Vision Photography 2Reverend ValentineReverend Valentine will leave you scared, confused, turned on and feeling a little bit dirty and ashamed, just like a drunken one night stand.